We are a nonprofit public benefit organization dedicated to helping and training people who are pursuing a career as a software engineer.

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What We Do

We are a coding bootcamp built from the ground up to train the best engineers. Our curriculum lasts six months, followed by job placement with companies that exclusively hires our students. We not only prioritize admission for young adults and people in need, but also provide financial assistance as well.

Why GarageScript?

We believe that anyone can become a good engineer and our curriculum proves it. Our students come in with zero experience and we work with them and help them become great engineers regardless of their background. We start from the basics with how computers work and how it is designed to connect with each other, all the way to building great mobile and web applications for students to use. We believe in learning productively and every application we use internally is built and maintained by our students (dns server, email clients, site hosting, etc.).

Meet us!

Every Saturday we help our local community by volunteering at our local library and provide workshops and helping self-learners with questions. Visit us!

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